The Lagos-based platform Invisible Borders has placed political and conceptual border crossing at the heart of their activity of collaborative road trips bringing together photographers, filmmakers and writers from across the African continent. Founder Emeka Okereke speaks to the role that the important and longstanding Dhaka photographic and activist initiative Drik (and its school Pathshala) played as a model when he was conceiving Invisible Borders even though there had been no direct contact in Bangladesh. The Dhaka Art Summit’s Collective body initiative invited Invisible Borders to conceive together with the Drik Network a collaborative road trip taking Bangladesh as a starting point-- they decided to focus on the area in the northeast of the country around Sylhet. This landmark trip inscribed itself into long histories of exchanges and solidarities between Africa and Asia and brought into the present their radical imaginaries.  An installation at the Dhaka At Summit included moving and still images and a compilation of writing from the trip which was made available for free to all visitors.  Above: Photo Randhir Singh.  Below: Click on image to visit project blog.  Image by Emeka Okereke Bottom: project video.


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